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Irish Crochet Basics, The Clones Knot ground
How to Make a Clones Knot - a Vintage Irish Crochet Stitch
Learn Irish Crochet: How to Crochet a Clones Knot
Clones Knot  Second Variation
Irish Crochet Lace, The Clones Knot
Clones Knot Stitch.

Clones Knot Stitch.

Irish CrochetLab   16:38

Clones Knot  First Variation
Irish Crochet and Clones Lace
Irish Crochet - Clones knot filling stitch
How to Crochet the Clones Knot
Clones knot video  by Máire Treanor
How to Irish Crochet background netting
Background netting with leaflets and set of drp/p.  Lesson #2.
Preview Interweave Crochet Workshop: Irish Crochet and Clones Lace with Maire Treanor
Irish Crochet Basics, Scroll 3
Rose with clones knot stitches
How to Crochet Branch Tutorial 60 Irish Lace
Netting with leaves and picots.
Irish Crochet Basics, how to add cord, second method


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