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Болливуд песня (Bollywood Song) [HQ]
Pearl Harbor (2001) - Evelyn and Danny Best Romantic Scenes [HQ]
星條旗永不落 / 星条旗永不落 (Stars and Stripes Forever)
美國國歌 (Instrumental)
美國士兵西點軍校的學生 / Военная академия США студент
Hashem Melech (Our God is King) with Lyrics -- Ивритские песни / 希伯來歌曲
Nightsong Kaldorei Night Elf Music(Children of the Stars)--Malfurion Stormrage / Tyrande Whisperwind
Galadriel saving Gandalf in Dol Goldur - The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Deleted Scene (HQ)
American Pie (1999) - "Sway" Romantic Music Video - Oz and Heather - 美國派 / Американский пирог
NYU Anthem

NYU Anthem

Arnold Teras   0:29

Song of Esther -- "What Would I Give to Live" Bible Movie Song (Cancion de Reina Esther)
以色列國歌 (希望) / Гимн Израиля (National Anthem of Israel - Hatikvah HOPE)
放牛班的春天 / Хористы (Les Choristes - "Vois sur ton chemin" Main Theme / Soundtrack Song)
I Need Some Sleep Song
Captain America the First Avenger Movie Theme (Soundtrack Version)
King Thranduil and Thror - The Hobbit Deleted Scene [HQ]
RuneScape Theme Music (Collected)
Claiming the One Ring from Sauron Cinematic - Celebrimbor, True Lord of the Rings [HQ]
Hail to the Chief (Collected) - Official Presidential Anthem of the United States of America - 向統帥致敬

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